Black Canary – variant (DC) Fall 2015

Elephantmen #64 (Image) May 2015

Ninjak #2 – variant (Valiant Entertainment) April 2015

Archer and Armstrong #24 – variant (Valiant Entertainment) September 2014

Red Sonja #3 – variant (Dynamite) September 2013




La BD Est Charlie (Glenat) February 2015
Artist/Writer – “This Will Make You Stronger”

The Wonderful World of Lisa Simpson #1 (Bongo) December 2013
Artist – “Honey Pooch Pooch”
Writer – Gail Simone

Adventures of Superman #5 (DC) September 2013
Artist – “The Way These Things Begin”
Writer – Kyle Killen

Darkest Hour Art Book (Oni Press) May 2011
Artist – Paris page
Editor – Charlie Chu

Elephantmen #25 (Image Comics) April 2011
Artist – Gruenwald page
Writer – Richard Starkings

Torchwood #3-4 (Titan Comics) September – November 2010
Artist – “Shrouded”
Writer – Gareth David-Lloyd

Doctor Who – The Forgotten #1, 2 and 5 (IDW) Fall 2009
Writer – Tony Lee

Comic Book Tattoo (Image Comics) Spring 2009
Artist – “Hey Jupiter”
Writer – Leah Moore
Editor – Rantz A. Hoseley

Y – The Last Man (Vertigo) July 2002 – January 2008
Penciller / co-creator
Inker – Jose Marzan Jr.
Writer / co-creator Brian K. Vaughan.
Editors – Heidi MacDonald / Steve Bunche / Zachary Rau / Casey Seijas / Will Dennis

Bart Simpson’s Treehouse of Horror #13 (Bongo Comics) September 2007
Penciller / co-writer
inker – Terry Austin
co-writer Ian Boothby
Editors – Terry Delegeane and Bill Morrison

Spider-man Unlimited #10 (Marvel) July 2005
Penciller on “Love Cycle (Obsess, Distress, Repeat)”
Writer- Maria-Emiko Macuaga,
Editor – CB Cebulski

Heroes Anonymous #2 (Bongo Comics) 2003
Inker – Bill Morrison
Writers – Scott Gimple and Bill Morrison
Editor – Bill Morrison

JLA-Z #3 (DC Comics) 2003
Penciller – Zatanna
Inker – Jose Marzan Jr.
Writer – Mike McAvennie
Editors – Ivan Cohen, Valerie D’Orazio, Stephen Wacker

What’s Wrong? – Explicit Graphic Interpretations Against Censorship (Arsenal Pulp Press) September 2002
Artist on “Fuck Amok”
Writer – Ian Boothby
Editor – Robin Fisher

Big Book of Wild Women (Paradox press) NOT PUBLISHED
Artist on Biography of Evita Peron
Editor – Heidi MacDonald

Apex (independent) NOT PUBLISHED
Penciller on issue one
Writer – Alexander Shearer

DHP Annual (Dark Horse) August 1998
Layouts for My Vagabond Days
Finishes – Stephano Gaudiano
Writer – Stephen Seagle

Slip (Aeon Press) March 1997
Art and Story.
Lettering – Paul Sloboda
Editor – Ed Vick
Weird Business (Mojo Press) July 1996
Penciller on If I Close My Eyes Forever
Writer – Charles De Lint
Inker – William Traxtle
Editors – Joe R. Lansdale & Richard Klaw

Sex and Death (Millenium Publications) 1995
Penciller on anthology story
Inker – Leif Jones
Writer – Regina Wilson

The Big Book of Urban Legends (Paradox Press) August 1994
Artist – The Hippie Babysitter
Writers – Robert Boyd, Jan Brunvald, Robert Loren Fleming
Editors – Andrew Helfer, Bronwyn Taggart

The Bruiser (Mythic Comics) 1993-1995
Penciller issues 1-4
Writer – Angelo Furlan

Freeflight (Thinkblots Press) June1993
Penciller on Void in issues 1-4
Writer – Patrick Sauriol

Sinnamon (Catfish Comics) 1995 to 1998
Penciller on various trailer stories
Writer – Angelo furlan

Bikini Assassin Team (Nyx Studios and Catfish Comics) 1996
Layouts on issue 1
Finishes – Nelson Danielson


Art Direction


Winter and Fall 2004
Producers – Ian Boothby and Nick Harrison
Designed sets and costumes, performed as improv sketch artist

Space Arm
Winter 2001
Producers – Ian Boothby and Roger Fredericks
Designed sets, props, costumes and spaceships for
Canadian sci-fi comedy show




Lumens Media September 2000
Director – Anthony Greene
Produced boards for Aegis Retirement Living Centers

Boeing Employee’s Credit Union September 1998
Director – Anthony Greene
Produced boards for one of BCEU’s series of “I Belong” commercials

West By Northwest Films July 1998
Director – Jay Allen
Produced boards for Harpist Angel Barbie commercial

Microsoft Studios April 1997 to October 1998
Directors Stephen Para, Mary Francis Feider and Rich Ludlow
Produced boards for various in-house commercials for products such as, NT Server, and Microsoft Certified Training Programs

The Bon Marche August 1998
Director Jay Allen.
Produced boards for Nautica Wear commercial




Legend of the Five Rings – Wizards of the Coast
November 2000
Art Director – Paul Allen Timm
Illustrated cards for the Rokugan series of rpg cards

Legend of the Five Rings: Gold Edition (batch 3)
Wizards of the Coast
July 2000
Art Director – Paul Allen Timm
Illustrated cards for the Rokugan series of rpg cards

Legend of the Five Rings: Gold Edition (batch 2)
Wizards of the Coast
June 2000
Art Director – Paul Allen Timm
Illustrated cards for the Rokugan series of rpg cards

Rage – White Wolf/Wizards of the Coast
September 1998
Illustrated cards for the Rage card game

White Wolf Role Playing Game Manuals
February 1996 to November 1998
Editors Larry Snelly and Aileen Miles
Produced spot illustrations for the following RPG Manuals:

Transylvania Chronicles I – Dark Tides Rising. WW2811

Montreal by Night – Black Dog Game factory. WW2216

Clanbook: Lasombra. WW2062

Mediums: Speakers with the Dead. WW6102

Kinfolk: Unsung Heroes. WW3074

Wendigo Tribebook. WW3078

Changeling Storytellers Guide. WW7009

Werewolf Players Guide second edition. WW3108

Gurahl. WW3079

A World of Darkness second edition. WW2226

Werewolf the Wild West. WW3700

Transylvania Chronicles II: Son of the Dragon. WW2812

Kingdom of Willows. WW7306

Guildbook Spooks & Oracles. WW6305

Wraith The Oblivion. WW6600

Three Pillars. WW2809

Book of Crafts

Vampire the Masquerade 1998

Camarilla Guidebook

Flagship Champion November 1998
Producer Keith Nimitz.
Conceptual artist on Flagship Champion video game. Designed characters, ships and settings


Voice Over Work


Fantastic 4 – Doomsday – 2006
Voice – Jessica Alba as Sue Storm
Directed by Matt Gardner

Space Arm – 2001
Voice – Ensign (scene cut)
Directed by Mark Lawrence




Voice Over workshop – Winter 2005
Attended class and studio workshop by Cathy Wesseluck

Carousel Theater School – Summer 1992
Studied and performed in summer production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream
Director Elizabeth Ball




Kwantlen College – Surrey Campus, BC
Winter semester 1993
attended english classes

Terry Fox Senior Secondary – Port Coquitlam BC
Graduated September 1990
Top Honours in English, Graphic Communications,
TV and Film, Journalism and History