Pia Guerra is a Canadian comic book artist best known for her work as penciller and co-creator of DC/Vertigo’s Y – The Last Man with writer Brian K. Vaughan. She has won several awards including Spike TV’s Scream Award, a Harvey, a Shuster, and along with inker Jose Marzan Jr. two of the comic industry’s top prize, the Eisner Award.

She has also been nominated for numerous other awards including the Hugo and Prix Du Scenario from the Angoulême International Comics Festival.

She has drawn stories for Doctor Who, Torchwood Magazine, Comic Book Tattoo, Simpson’s Treehouse of Horror Comics, Spider-Man Unlimited, illustrated for White Wolf gaming manuals, produced storyboards for commercials and worked as a production designer on a sci-fi television pilot.

Pia currently lives in Vancouver BC, and is married to the very talented writer Ian Boothby. They have two cats.

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SDCC Schedule

Here’s Pia’s current signing times at the Elephantmen/Comicraft booth #2106. Thursday 1-3pm, Friday 1-3pm and Saturday 1-3pm. I will be doing sketches, if you want a commision and [...]